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Remember The Golden Age of Radio Entertainment?

If you do, you may have very fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table, or lounging in the living room with your family and friends listening to the radio at night after dinner. Well, now a new generation can create wonderful memories of old radio magic too!

Just download a radio show from www.best-otr.com for your iPod, Mp3 player, or computer and you can be listening

in minutes! And there are thousands of hours of wonderful entertainment available. Brighten up your commute with wonderful stories, shows, and nostalgic entertainment!

What makes Old Time Radio unique and special? Many things. But predominantly because it is a journey for the imagination. The radio provides the sound while your imagination provides the visualization.

As we all know, Old Time Radio broadcasts kind of went out of style with the emergence of television. And now, in a new stage of entertainment evolution, the internet threatens to take over TV as more and more shows and movies are available online. Radio was basically replaced when TV emerged on the scene, with the exception of folks listening to music, and commuters enjoying talk shows. Now, in a way, things have gone "full circle" as one of the forms of media that has helped to replace radio, the internet, has now brought significant new life to it.

At Best-OTR.com , you can download classic old time radio shows from every genre. Old Time Radio Comedy, Mystery, Adventure, Drama, Westerns, Science Fiction, Horror Shows, Detective Shows, Super Heroes, History, World War II, News, Sports and wonderful Music of the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. You can download a copy of an old radio show like the Jack Benny program or your favorite western show like The Lone Ranger or The Cisco Kid. Or, how about a wonderful Mystery from Agatha Christie or Vincent Price? Or, Who can resist the great shows from the CBS Radio Mystery Theater? How about Abbott and Costello or The Three Stooges?

Best of all, You can then listen to old radio shows you have downloaded at any time convenient for you. A practice very popular in the United Kingdom where millions of Britons are now avidly listening to classic radio programming. Perhaps this giant number is partially due to the popularity of iPods and other mobile devices. Radio shows are receiving a magnificent revival thanks to the ability to download them and take them with you. Many sites charge for access to such downloads, or require a monthly subscription payment. But here at www.best-otr.com You can download all kinds of radio shows at no cost whatsoever, and listen to the broadcast from your computer or transfer it to your iPod or Mp3 player. All that we ask, in order to keep our site growing. is that you visit some of our sponsors that are advertised here on our website. Radio Entertainment and Drama might seem to some like a thing of the past. But computers, Mp3 players, and even cell phones are giving old time radio a significant revival.

Now, you and your family can share classic old radio shows together just like it was done in the Nostalgic Golden Age of Radio

Entertainment. It's not too late to give yourself and your children the gift of the imagination enhancing features of classic radio shows.

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